Eindhoven Art-fair with my mom

Today I went to Eindhoven to join my mom at her artfair thingie
It was kinda boring and lots of old folks!
I did feel proud of my mom, cause I felt like her graphical art was looking great :3

IMG_20150418_124534 IMG_20150418_124713

10606473_10205596781710678_9077690846961537294_n 11149422_10205596782470697_2248992128015340124_n

Including a picture of my mom :P cause this way you can see her art.
The 2 black and white pieces are my favorite

There were 2 huge events that were taking place

In the hall next to this one there were many other artists to that were showing their work!
I went to take a look there to, it was a little expensive I think, it was not really worth it but, I did make some picture!

IMG_20150418_144808 IMG_20150418_144811
IMG_20150418_145917 IMG_20150418_145932
IMG_20150418_150111 IMG_20150418_150116 IMG_20150418_150126
IMG_20150418_150213 IMG_20150418_150242 IMG_20150418_150250

I didn't feel like there were any real pro's at that hall...
I was actually really let down my it!
But, I did have a nice talk with this Dutch lady!

After a while I got bored and went for a strole around outside and found there was a nice hall with all Pop-up stores
I will be going back there tomorrow to buy 2 pairs of jewelery I really liked!


The building at the other side... Full with colorfull grafitti


I thought the little street looked really cool like this :)

IMG_20150418_155030 IMG_20150418_155045 IMG_20150418_155055

There was a restaurant at the boddom of a building, it looked so COOL... it had all cool cupcakes and pasteries!

IMG_20150418_155108 IMG_20150418_155130

More graffiti... :D in another street... (and I've met the artist of the one eyed pig at a grafitti Jam a while ago :D )


IMG_20150418_155538 IMG_20150418_155646 IMG_20150418_155723

Outside... it was so warm and calm :) To bad the wind was really really cold... :P
The little flowers were so cute sweet and soft :3 Made my boring day a tittle better <3


Huge Lego blocks...


The outside of the building where I was holding hostage all day :P and where I will be all day tomorrow :3

Later, when I was back home, I went for a walk outside with my husband :) and I managed to take a few pictures...

IMG_20150418_192034 IMG_20150418_192052


car tipped to it's side in the forest :)


Huge thingie... I forgot it's name...


This horse is my neighbour! :3
She is always looking for our attention, I think she must be really lonely at times so I feed her veggies and give her my love and attention <3

IMG_20150418_193532 IMG_20150418_193535

So, that was my day :)

At the moment I'm looking at Planet of the Apes... :3
It's way better then I thought it was
and different...

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a walk 'into the woods'

So I decided that I'll do some more blogging from now on :)

Today my husband and sister went to 'hett pijnven' to do some nature walking.
We had great fun! We took the middle length tour, it was 6.5 km and called the animated tour!

It was such great weather... we just HAD to enjoy!

IMG_20150414_142140   IMG_20150414_151059

nice views I took from the walk!


Picture from me, taking a picture from my sister :D <3

Afterwards I did get a little dizzy from the sun! I should have put on sunscreen! hihi


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For small meets i tend to pick outmy outfits or the night before or he morning itself ... for bigger events... like la vie en rose... aistart planning the moment i know i am going... :D my outfits for la vie en rose are almost done :D


Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

As it is't the first day of the new year, 2014, I want to start with a fresh leaf and, also stick to my plan!
Bought myself a new GLB,

After a few days of looking I found this book, new on ebay!
Got it for the patterns in the inside! it's a more normal pattern so I can make a more simple jsk and so some experimenting!
Since I rediscovered my love for sewing, I need to keep it up and keep sewing more!

Also, Wardrobe-Month is starting so, as last year, I'll be doing one to!
I really enjoyed making it then and well, i'll be making one this year to since it is just fun :)

Hopefully i'll be able to make a nice gif with it to this year cause last year that really failed!!!!
I love cute gifs :P

Also, this year I made a 10 of my best outfits post:

While I made it, I noticed that my hair has grown a lot more then I thought!
I have curly hair so it looks like it didn't grow a lot but, it did... I can see it clearly in the pictures so I'm really happy about this!
here is my personal secret weapon...

I really love this product... best thing I ever discovered!!!
It smells nice, it lasts long, gives my hair this lovely shiny look and it really feels thicker!
(I do have to use a medical shampoo befor I use these products)

ow, I made a painting, AP inspired, some kind of self portrait

Almost a new year...

So I desided to write more here... (yes like every year... )

first, my newyears resolutions
1. loose those few kilo's that are really bugging me the past 6 months... (5 kilo's)
2. sew more clothing for myself and start making things for others :)
3. paint even more then this year
4. show my art more to the world
5. keep doing exersize
6. define my style more.
7. be open for dark colors, not only black :D
8. Classic
9. try to be happy with my hole heart
10. think more of me and less of others!
11 love Zsolt more <3

So, yesterday I got myself this pretty baby

I'm so curiouse about how it going to look like in real life...
sad thing is i'll still have to wait a while befor it gets here... :(
I think, if I understand it corectly, it'll be shipped 5 February.

It did cost me an arm and a leg but I don't really care this time :)
The print on the dress is just way to cool and it makes me way to melancholic.

That's it for today :P
don't want to type to much or I won't have anything to tell tomorrow :P LOL



So, I entered this artcontest, and I need votes for this... not 1 vote but 400...

As my FB doens't have 400 votes i'm obliged to beg all over so, here I go...
If you like my art, and you want me to have my dreams come true...
please click on the link below (for fb)
and like my art...

If I would/could win, there would be a dream comming true for me


I know it might seem silly to you, but, every little vote helps me in the right direction...

I'll be forever greatfull <3

thank you very very... very much


lolita at work

 so as I wear lolita every day (or, as good as every day :)... went to work in Lolita...
here a picture...

HAHA yes... I am standing in a very strange place :P
but I was playing with my white cat Wolf and my husband made these pictures while i was up here :P lols

outfit rundown:
jacket: Newlook
Shoes, socks, T-shirt: offbrand
skirt: DOL


Starting to write again...

 So, normally I would have posted a wardrobe post as I promised some of you BUT... I didn't have any time since sunday is my husbands day and we went away really early and came home pretty late! so I couldn't take pictures so it'll have to wait till tomorrow :)

Wanted to do some sewing today BUT again XD I forgot my pattern so, didn't so anything exept for youtubeing and take some clothes apart to to make something other from it... I'm trying to make some salopette in my personal style :) and perfecting my pattern. I'll post my first try tomorrow so you can all comment on it :) likes or dislikes and maybe some pointers on how to do it better.

Here some pictures of my outfit of today :)
I may look a bit goofy but I was freezing...

  pictures by Zsolt

Dress: Bodyline
Socks, shoes: offbrand
cardigan: Primark
Blouse: H&M
Collar: Fly away Fashion
Juwelery: Six

Went to the hairdresser today as well, thats why my hair is flat...It looks a bit stupid on the pictures because the wind messed it up...
I'm super duper happy because it grew a but :D even my hairdresses was like: OW WOW it is growing again :)
she also told me to go to the docter for a bloodtest and meds for psorias in hair... not looking forward to that BUT :) it is helps it helps and I really want my fuller hair back!!! so Thursday morning I'm going to the dokter XD

ow... and lately I've been a 'Dexter' addic... omg... i LOVELOVELOVE this series <3 such a dry humor...
The only thing I dislike about it is that lately the main character is getting some 'emotions' I liked him better emotionless...
I really need to start reading this series... they say it is also a great reading series and very different from the series...


long time no write...

It has been a huge while since I've written in here...
why... because I didn't really feel like expressing myself on paper... and because everytime I start writing, LJ starts actingup...
SOOOOOOOOOwwww, here, on a leap of faith... I'll retry to get into the writing again and hopefully LJ will NOT act all stupid XD